Sometimes I read about injustice in the world and it completely shuts me down.  It should fire me up. It used to; not anymore.

I should be moved to action after reading about corporations being bad stewards of the environment, about kids in the U.S.A. going hungry, about Veterans and military families being used and abused by the country they served.  Instead, it seems like another “to ...

December 2, Claiborne Farm

     I’ve dined with great military commanders. I’ve interviewed First Ladies.  In my life I’ve had the fortunate experience of being in the presence of remarkable leaders, but only one legend left me speechless upon meeting him – Secretariat.

It was a rare opportunity when the universe aligns all the stars and the impossible becomes possible.  In my youth I had a private meeting with my hero. He was ...

Charitable Giving

I saw a homeless man and wanted to help him. I gave him some money and in return, he clobbered me. In all fairness we were in different worlds when this happened. I was living in realty and he was living somewhere in a parallel universe that was frightening and unkind. I was alien to him, or perhaps, an alien from the planet Zoltar to him. He saw me as ...


Chances are you will have some unexpected company over the holidays and it may not be who you think.  Unbeknownst to you, you may be entertaining angels.

This time of year angels are everywhere. Christmas pageants and nativity scenes across the nation feature children wearing tinfoil covered coat hangers fashioned as halos and white frocks trimmed in gold tinsel. Those aren’t the angels to which I’m referring.

Beautiful ...

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